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(Magicians) Proof of concept.

keeper_of_stars in candycanedreams

Challenge #6: Three Things

*waves hello* Hey guys. I know that this community has been inactive for a while but as any hardcore Harry Potter fan can tell you… it’s been a pretty crazy few months. So, I apologize for my absence but, Deathly Hollows and everything that came along with that, has been keeping me busy. Anyways… It’s time for a new challenge.

Challenge #6: Three Things

A while ago I asked people to submit prompts featuring a song title, movie and an item you would find in a hospital. This is where you get to put those prompts to use.

You can do whatever you like with your prompt set. Have fun. Go crazy. Create a fic. :)

Under the cut, there is a list of numbers from 1-20. Each number represents a different set of Three Things. To participate, you need to post with the number that you want. Once I see your request, I’ll post your prompt.. (Only one prompt per person so choose wisely.)

Challenge: Take an episode title and have fun with it.

To Post… Make sure you've read the posting rules! And here are the specifics for this challenge...


Challenge Number/Title:
Episode Title:
Warning: (ex: Spoilers, death, etc.)
Author's Note:

Tag: Make sure to tag your fics please! (challenge #6 and ship)

Challenge Dates: September 13, 2007 – October 13, 2007

Three Things - Claims

Pick and number and post it here. Choose wisely!

2: dysis_raine
3: help_im_a_rock
13: christ_chexx_4u
16: athousandmiles
19: trisana_mcgraw


oh i know, i was just kidding - i got so excited at seeing one of the best cult classics of all time listed as a prompt.

i will never look at ping-pong balls quite the same way.
HAHAHAHAHA! I know! This movie informs so much of my everyday life. Seriously. I reference it ALL the time.

I took a gay and lesbian stuides class in college and I wrote my final paper on drag stereotypes in film. I discussed Rocky Horror, Too Wong Foo and Priscilla.

Not only is Priscilla just an awesome movie but it's really the best example of the drag lifestlye on film. And funnily enough, the director totally did not realize the emotional heart of the film until he was wathing how the audience react to it at Cannes.

I could go on forever. Kinda like Felicia and ABBA. :D
wong foo definitely holds a special place in my heart. campy as it may be, stockard channing was PHENOMENAL. her scenes with patrick swayze were amazing, and the "i'm a drag queen" scene still gets to me EVERY SINGLE TIME.
I love Too Wong Foo but... it's actually REALLY bad about stereotypes. It's one of the worst drag movies there is (for portrayl of the lifestyle).

I love John Leguizamo in it. He's so perfect. :P
no, its certainly not realistic, and there are parts of it that are borderline offensive, but i'll still admit to loving it. i think patrick swayze's character helps balance out some of the silliness.