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Challenge #7: A Different Perspective

Hey guys, I hope that you all had a happy Halloween and are ready for a new challenge. But first, something else…

Please don’t advertise other communities here. This is a fan fic challenge community. NOT a general House community where everything goes. There are plenty of communities like that on lj. This just isn’t one of them. If you would like to affiliate then please check out the profile for further information.

Challenge #7: A Different Perspective

Do you ever find that you just really hate a particular scene in an episode? Or, that you find yourself thinking that you could write it better? Well, here’s your chance.

For this challenge, you get to take one of your least favorite scenes and put a new spin on it. Re-write it and make it better. Improve it however you want. This is your chance to show the writers what should have really happened between your favorite ship.

Challenge: Take your least favorite scene and re-write it.

To Post… Make sure you've read the posting rules! And here are the specifics for this challenge...

Challenge Number/Title:
Episode Title and Scene:
Warning: (ex: Spoilers, death, etc.)
Author's Note:

Tag: Make sure to tag your fics please! (challenge #7 and ship)

Challenge Dates: November 1, 2007 – December 1, 2007
Tags: challenge #7, challenge post, mod post
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