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Challenge #8: New Years Resolutions

Hey guys, I hope that you all had a great Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and a happy new year. Yes… I missed putting up the last challenge but real life and Secret Santa overload hit me like woah.

Anyway, new year… new challenge.

Challenge #8: New Years Resolutions

Since this is the first challenge of 2008, we’re going to focus on New Years resolutions.

For this challenge, all you have to do is write a fic centered on New Years resolutions and you get to interpret that however you wish. This is you chance to just have fun with the time honored tradition of starting out a new year with some crazy promise to yourself.

Challenge: Write a fic centered around New Years resolutions.

To Post… Make sure you've read the posting rules! And here are the specifics for this challenge...

Challenge Number/Title:
Warning: (ex: Spoilers, death, etc.)
Author's Note:

Tag: Make sure to tag your fics please! (challenge #8 and ship)

Challenge Dates: January 4, 2008 – February 1, 2008
Tags: challenge #8, challenge post, mod post
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