Two Scoop Month - House/Cuddy

Title: Two Scoop Month
Author: Duckie Nicks, aka lieueitak
Disclaimer: I don't own it.
Ship: House/Cuddy
Challenge Number/Prompt: Challenge #5, title I got was "Kids"
Summary: Cuddy thinks it should be easy, but it’s not because all she has is herself and two bowls of frozen yogurt, and that hardly seems like anything at all.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Spoilers up through "Words and Deeds"

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Author: Blueheronz  
Title: The Walking Wounded
Ship: House/Cameron
Rating: PG
Challenge #5 - Title Love
Episode title: Love Hurts
Spoilers: S1, S2, S3
Comments: Feedback is appreciated
Summary: An angsty look at Cameron's state of mind & body as she prepares to turn in her third letter of resignation to House.
Beta: The delightful author and my good friend athousandsmiles

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Crossing the Threshold

An Honest Mistake. PG-17. Wilson/Cameron

Author: simallyher

Title: An Honest Mistake
Summary: If all parties were honest, this would never had happened; it could have been prevented. But since no one is honest these days, it was bound to happen. Even so, it’s funny how things work themselves out in the end. After all, it was only an honest mistake.
Ship: Cameron/Wilson
Challenge Number/Title: #5 / Title Love
Episode Title: The Mistake
Rating: PG-17 (Not entirely sure of language)
Warning: (ex: Spoilers, death, etc.) Set after Season end...altered ending slightly to fit my story.
Author's Note: This should've been done ages ago...but I got so worked up in my coursework and packing, I nearly forgot about it. In my opinion it's not up to scratch, but that's me.

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HHGTTG - knitted people

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Author: Bkwmkiwi

Title: Unsmiling Sun
Summary: It wasn't like he wasn't in love with her.
Ship: Chase/Cameron
Challenge Number/Title: #5 Title Love
Episode Title: Euphoria
Rating: PG
Warning: Kind of spoilers for season finale
Author's Note: Ugh, this just got way too angsty, but I didn't want to scrap it. (Interesting that I got Euphoria - I did my first challenge on Euphoria too.)

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at the lake


Author: athousandsmiles

Title: Hopeless 1/1
Summary: A drunken Cameron overhears something that changes everything.
Ship: House/Cameron
Challenge Number/Title: Challenge #5, Title Love
Episode Title: Fidelity
Rating: Mature
Warning: Some light smutty references. Spoilers up to and including Resignation.
Author's Note: This is the weirdest thing I've ever written. Also, it's not fluffy. Beta'd by the most awesome blueheronz Muchas Gracias, my friend.

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(Tarantino) Q&U

Challenge #5 - Title Love

Hey guys! Sorry about the wait. Things have been hectic for me lately. But hey, time for a new challenge yes?

One reminder, please, please, PLEASE tag all entries. If there isn’t a tag for your ship, let me know and I’ll create one.

You may be wondering about the “Three Things” submissions. Well, there weren’t many so I’m leaving that open. Head on over here to check it out and submit something.

Challenge #5: Title Love

One of the things that I’ve always loved about House is the episode titles. While some shows have random titles, the ones on House actually give clues about what’s to come in that particular episode.

This week, if you choose to participate, you will be given the title of an episode which you may use HOWEVER you want. And I mean that. You could write something based on the episode. Use the title to inspire something completely new and original. ANYTHING.

Under the cut, there is a list of numbers from 1-20. Each number represents a different episode title. To participate, you need to post with the number that you want. Once I see your request, I’ll post your title. (Only one person per quote so choose wisely.)

Now, if there aren’t enough titles that’s not a problem. I can always find more. BUT, if there are still titles open by June 15, 2007 you may claim another. BUT, please don’t do this just because you don’t like your first title. That would ruin the point of the challenge.

Challenge: Take an episode title and have fun with it.

To Post… Make sure you've read the posting rules! And here are the specifics for this challenge...


Challenge Number/Title:
Episode Title:
Warning: (ex: Spoilers, death, etc.)
Author's Note:

Tag: Make sure to tag your fics please! (challenge #5 and ship)

Challenge Dates: June 1, 2007 – July 1, 2007

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(In case you're wondering, I did make a title list. :P )
Crossing the Threshold

The War. PG-13 Wilson/Cameron

Author: simallyher
Title: The War
Rating: G/PG
Pairing: Wilson/Cameron (Friendship, beginning of something more)
Challenge: #4, “Got snark?”
Quote and number: #1 'I think we should have sex' (Cameron) and #15 'He's so - he's so...old' (Chase)
Warnings: Not any to really mention.
Word count: 1505
Spoilers: For the whole *Tritter* era
Summary: Sometimes choosing sides is made easier inside exam rooms, and sometimes finding what you want is made harder with friendships.

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House smile coffee (angiescully)

Scaling the Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Author: trisana_mcgraw
Title: Scaling the Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Summary: Cuddy enlists a special someone to help House rehab his leg after the shooting/ketamine.
Characters: House, Ingrid
Ship: none
Challenge Number/Title: #4/Got snark?
Quote and #: #17, see below for quote.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers up to 3x01, though this plot is purely my speculation.
Author's Note: Just like athousandsmiles, I was totally thrown for a loop by my quote. Hope that my House characterization is good enough; he's so hard to write.

Wilson (2x06 “Spin”): “I met someone who, uh, made me feel funny. Good. And I didn’t want to let that feeling go.”

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My Provider

Author: moondragon_kaga
Title: My Provider
Summary: In the midst of looking for House, Wilson happens to find something that he wasn't supposed to see...
Ship: House/Wilson
Challenge Number/Title: #4: Got Snark?
Quote and #: #3: "I always told them." (Wilson)
Rating: G
Warning: Extremely sappy. "Cute," in the words of my editor.
Author's Note: Uh... I'm not going to get jumped, am I? I feel like an outsider with the slash... Okay, on to the serious stuff. I wasn't able to get a hold of my beta at all, so I'm going to be editing this as I go along. Sorry.

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