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Candy Cane Dreams

A House, M.D. Shipper Challenge

Candy Cane Dreams: A House, M.D. Shipper Challenge
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Welcome to Candy Cane Dreams: A House, M.D. Shipper Challenge

Candy Cane Dreams is challenge site dedicated to the romantic pairings of all our favorite characters from the Fox medical drama House, M.D.. This community welcomes ALL ships with open arms.

Each month, a new challenge will be posted. Some rounds may focus on themes or lyrics. But, each month will be something totally different than the month before.

Everyone is welcome to take part. Just make sure that you follow the rules.

Candy Cane Dreams Information

Candy Cane Dreams hopes to bring together fans of House, M.D. who have found a love for a certain ship (or two). It's about creating fan fiction and connecting with other writers and fans.

Each month, a new challenge will be posted. Each challenge will be a different format. Make sure that you read over the challenge post for the specifics.

Each challenge will last a month and you can post your response any time during that month. However, when that month is up, so is the challenge. Make sure that you get your submission in on time.

Candy Cane Posting Rules

All submissions can be posted to the community. Make sure that the submission itself is under a cut. If it isn't, it WILL be deleted.

Make sure that you put the correct information in your post. (Author, pairing etc.).

You may post more than one response. Just make sure that you post them seperatley. (The more the merrier right?)

Please tag all entries with your username and the challenge number. (You can find the list of useable tags HERE).

You can post fics that you've got posted at other places but make sure that you re-post it here. No linking to other sites please.

Betas aren't required but please make sure to proof-read. Proper spelling and grammar are love.

Please remeber, this is a shipper community. Please make sure that your entries deal with some sort of relationship (plationic, romantic, or otherwise). No gen fics please.

Reviews are are lovely. And secretly, we all yearn for feedback. Be kind and review others.

Flaming and bashing will NOT be tolerated. Be constructive or don't comment.

NC-17 submissions aren't allowed. Sorry.

Do NOT advertise here. This community is for fan fic challenges and the responses to them. There are other communities that you can advertise on.

Posting Form: When you post, please fill out the following...

Challenge Number: (And specific prompt if applicable.)

Important Links
Affiliates: Care to affiliate with candycanedreams? Go HERE.
Tags: Can't find your ship in the list of tags? Let me know HERE.
Challenge Ideas: Do you have an idea for a challenge? Head on over HERE.
Other Fan Fiction: Do you have other House fics that you'd like to show off? Go HERE.


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